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A team I worked with has just had their initiative published in this book (for purchase or download). Congratulations to OAAI!

Transforming Social Work Field Education: New Insights from Practice Research and Scholarship

Drolet, J. L., Charles, G., McConnell, S. M., & Bogo, M. (eds). (2022), University of Calgary Press.

Publication announcement for TFEL book with cover photo, December 2022.

Chapter citation:  Janse van Rensburg MG, Weaver C, Jenkins C, et al.  Using an Advocacy Practicum to Establish a Framework for Virtual Community Consultations in the Ottawa Adult Autism Community in Drolet, JL, Charles G, McConnell SM, Bogo M, eds. Transforming Social Work Field Education.  University of Calgary Press, 2022.

INTRODUCTION Field Research Scholarship in Social Work Education

p. 12 “In chapter 12, Margaret Janse van Rensburg, Courtney Weaver, Christine Jenkins, Morgan Banister, Edward King, Sheila Bell, and the Ottawa Adult Autism Initiative discuss an advocacy practicum to establish a framework for virtual community consultations. The chapter presents a doctoral level advocacy practicum of 130 hours that was created by Carleton University’s School of Social Work. This chapter outlines the processes where members of the Ottawa Adult Autism Initiative were accompanied by an advocacy practicum student to create a strategy to host virtual consultations with the adult autism community in Ottawa, Canada. The chapter is informed by Critical Autism Studies, which centres autistic persons as experts in autism, and critical pedagogy, which considers critical consciousness as a means for political participation. Together, the authors created an Instructions and Guidance Document and a set of recommendations to engage the adult autism community in virtual consultations. The chapter demonstrates the important contributions of a practicum student working in partnership with community members in a volunteer grassroots organization that aims to assist adults on the autism spectrum and their families in finding the support and services they need.

p. 13 ….The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated the importance for students to develop virtual social work practice skills such as the virtual consultation process described and explained in this chapter.”

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