Spectrum Women: Walking to the Beat of Autism

Hand holding a magnifying lensonto a rainbow coloured book with a image of a masked woman's face, above the words Spectrum Women: Walking to the Beat of Autism.
hand holding a magnifying bubble which shows a rainbow book with a colourful stylized image of a human's face above the words Spectrum Women.

Spectrum Women Connect, run by two of the authors.

Editor Barb Cook and commentator Dr. Michelle Garnett plus 14 autistic women (including me) describe life from our unique autistic perspectives. Here we present powerful insights from our lived experience.

Published in 2018, this is an essential read for all autistic women/nonbinary and parents of girls.

Some of the subjects covered in the book include growing up undiagnosed, struggling with one’s new identity, how we fit into the world, parenting, independence and self-care. My chapter 19 is on Intense Interests.

With great contributions from exceptional women, I am proud to be associated with this publication, an informative collection of knowledge and sage advice for women. Here is some unsolicited feedback from AutisticMinimalist:

“At the risk of getting too negative [about identity], I have to get on to the positive aspects with respect to forming a better sense of identity, self-esteem and enjoyment of life. Christine Jenkins reminded me that autistic intense interests are very important for recharging. As a single parent, I have often unwittingly forgotten to reserve time for interests that I have historically immersed myself in….one gets so worn down from simply trying to get through the day. It can be an effort to remember you have things you love that will make you feel better. It’s just an example of how thought-provoking this book is….”

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There’s also a Facebook group for fans of the book:

Official ad for the 2018 book.  Purple bubble with the words in white:  15 autistic women give empowerment, advice, support and insight to fellow autistic women.

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