Links to Resources

LINKS in no particular order:

My contributions to Spectrum Women Magazine

A project I’ve consulted on since 2018.

AsperDames for women born before 1975

The premier journal for research with an on adults  (I’m an occasional peer reviewer):

MySpectrumSuite  (Samantha Craft)

Autastic  @weareautastic on Twitter

Autistic Not Weird on Facebook and

Chavisory’s Notebook

Invisible Strings (M Kelter)

Respectfully Connected on Facebook

Autistic Women and Nonbinary Network (AWN)

Ballastexistenz (R.I.P Mel Baggs) a legacy page

Ollibean collective

TheAutisticAdvocate Kieran Rose

Autistamatic and YouTube channel

Diary of a Mom on Facebook and

Unstrange Mind

Artist Sonia Boue, The Other Side

Late diagnosed woman

Seeing the Unseen documentary on undiagnosed women and nonbinary persons rent on Vimeo or via IMDB link

Canadians HvppyHands and Neurowonderful, both on Facebook

Dori Zener, social worker speaking on ‘female autism’ (a term I not longer endorse but good resources here:  I was interviewed for the late diagnosis segment)

Erin Human

Musings of an Aspie blog author of a book

Autism in Adulthood (professional journal that centres autistic researchers)

Spectrumy on Facebook

Ann Memmott’s blog @AnnMemmott on Twitter

AutAngel (Facebook) with interviewer and ageing researcher Cos Michael

Stories of late diagnosis and neurodivergence

Tania Melnyczuk

Kate Fox, poet and comedian